Table Module

The table module which is present in the builder lets you showcase a collection of data like a piece of statistical information with images on your site. Every element inside the table module can be customised. 

Structure of the Table -

The Table module is structured with Header and Body. The Body of the Table consists of Rows. And Rows have Cells.
ADDING ROWS - More Rows can be added by either clicking on Add Row button in the left panel or the "+" symbol below the table on the right panel. 
ADDING COLUMNS - To add more Columns to the table, click on the "+" button by the side of the table on the right panel.
ADDING CELLS TO ROWS - To add more cells to a just one Row, navigate to the Row from the Tree View, by clicking on Body and click  Add Cell under the corresponding Row .
ADDING HEADER CELLS - To add more Header cells, navigate to Header from the Tree View by clicking on Header and click Add Header Cells

Styling the Table

To style the appearance of the Table, select the Table module in your page and click on Style Tab in the Tree View.  You will have option to modify the Width, Alignment and Border of the Table in this tab. 


  1. Click on Header in the Tree View

  2. Go to Style Tab to edit the BG color, Padding, Alignment and border settings of the Header cells.