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Why is the google page speed score low for my AMP landing page?
Why is the google page speed score low for my AMP landing page?

In this article, we explain why does an AMP landing page receive poor page speed score.

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This is the page where you can evaluate amp page experience . If you try running it with , you will still see that it reports as poor experience. is the official AMP website and poor reports not exactly mean that the experience is poor. AMP is a new framework and support across other platforms ( Page Speed Insights ) are in progress, if you have a look at the page speed of our standard template - it might show pretty good page speed scores, it also doesn't mean that our standard pages are better than AMP pages.

The power of AMP comes from the fact that its served from google's cache and google loves AMP pages. Also, landing pages served from google cache means that google will be providing infrastructure for your pages and its tough to beat google at infrastructure :)

Please note that we constantly keep in touch with the AMP community and will be adding updates from AMP framework into our product so you don't loose out on anything. As AMP team and PSI team address the compatibility issue, the page speed scores of AMP pages will definitely increase.

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