If your domain is not connected yet, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.

1. Make sure you have added the domain properly. Please don't enter http/https at the beginning and / (slash ) at the end of the domain. Please check the example below.





2. Please note that the domain connection is not automatic. You need to click the Connect Button present at the right end of the domain. Try hitting the connect button in a few hours once the CNAME record is added. Please note that it might take upto 24 hours for domain propagation depending on your domain registrar.

3. Make sure to double-check if you have added the CNAME value properly in your DNS records. You can find the CNAME value by selecting the arrow to the right of the connect button and clicking the "DNS Info" button.

Now Proceed to whatmydns.net to check if the domain is propagated, add your domain, in this example, I have added example.swipepages.com. So I will enter example.swipepages.com. Make sure you have CNAME selected in the dropdown and select Search.

Please note the CNAME value should be displayed for all country shown. It means that the Domain propagation is complete. This is how it should like if the domain propagation is complete.

4. If you are using Cloudflare to manage your DNS, Make sure to disable the proxy ( orange cloud should be greyed out ). You can find more information here

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