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Why are my changes not reflecting on the published page?
Why are my changes not reflecting on the published page?

Reason behind why published pages are not reflecting the latest changes in the page.

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There can be 2 reasons behind why you are seeing old content,

  • Browser Cache

  • CDN Cache

Browser Cache

Please have a look at this website to know how to clear your browser cache -

CDN Cache

Please note that we use CDN to cache all our published pages and our CDN provider have over 43 PoPs ( servers ) distributed throughout the globe so that pages load pretty close to the visitor thus providing lightening fast load times. When you republish a page we clear our CDN cache, while it's instantaneous most of the time, sometimes, it might take a while for the CDN cache to get cleared. This mostly happens when you republish way too often, please use the preview option to see how the page is coming along and publish only when you are satisfied with the page or when most work is done. If the content is not updated even after clearing browser cache, then you most probably have issue clearing CDN cache. Please note that this will automatically be cleared after a few minutes, as we mentioned earlier, we do clear the CDN cache once you republish a page. If your content is not updated even after a few minutes, please reach out to us via chat and we will manually clear the cache for you.

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