Social Sharing for your landing page

In this article, we have explained how to set up social sharing for your landing page.

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Social Sharing is very important for a landing page if you are planning to share your landing page in Social Media. You can set up the title, image, description, URL for a landing page. Most of the Social Media Platform has support for OG Tags expect twitter. Twitter has a similar feature called Twitter cards.

You can add your Social Sharing details in Page - Settings - Social Sharing.

Social Sharing - Facebook & LinkedIn

Any platform which supports Open Graph Tags ( OG Tags ) will display the title, url, image and description if they are added here.

Note - Please note that in order for the OG Image to be displayed in LinkedIn, it should follow the minimum height of 627px as mentioned by the platform. You can read more about the minimum requirement here.

Social Sharing - Twitter

Social Sharing for Twitter is called Twitter Cards and you can add the title, description, title, site, creator and image under Twitter Cards.

If you want to check if social sharing is working as expected. Please proceed to the below validators and check.

1.Facebook Sharing Debugger.
2.LinkedIn Post Inspector.
3.Twitter Card Validator.

Note - If you need to add any other OG tags or Twitter card tag which are not available here. You can add them in Other Meta Tags which is available under the SEO tab.

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