What is Dynamic Text Replacement?

Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) means that the content on your landing page can be changed dynamically based on a search keyword used by your viewer. This will make the text on the page more relevant to the audience.

How does it work?

When Dynamic Text Replacement is enabled on your home page, the corresponding text will be replaced with the query parameter from the URL.

DTR in Heading Module

Choose the Heading Module on the Right Panel and Go to Advanced Panel in the Heading Module. Select the word that has to be dynamically replaced in the Dynamic Text panel and enter the corresponding query parameter.

DTR in Text, Button, and Form Modules

Dynamic Text can be added in modules like Text, Button, Form button etc. Replace the text with shortcode below to denote a Dynamic Text -


Where type is the query parameter from the URL and automobile is the default value. The default value will be replaced by the text sent in the query parameter.

Note -

  1. Please ensure you Publish the page after any changes.

  2. Clear the browser's cache completely in case the changes are not getting reflected.

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