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How to set Dynamic Text Replacement?
How to set Dynamic Text Replacement?

In this article, we have explained how to use DTR

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Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR):

How does it work?

When Dynamic Text Replacement is enabled on your landing page, you can swap selected texts on the landing page with ones present in the URL parameter.

Setting up DTR in the Heading Module:

  • Add a heading module on the page.

  • Go to the Advanced Settings Panel of the Heading Module in the left panel.

  • Select the word that has to be dynamically replaced in the Dynamic Text panel and enter the corresponding query parameter.

Here is a short tutorial showing you how to set the DTR for the Heading module

DTR in Text, Button, and Form Modules:

Dynamic Text can be added in modules like Text, Button, Form button, etc.

Let us use the shortcode approach to set a Dynamic Text.

I will explain this approach using the example below:

Let's add this to the page:


​Where type refers to the query parameter from the URL and auto is the default value.

The default value will be replaced by the text sent in the query parameter.

I will show you how I set DTR on buttons, Text module and the Form submit button using the example: [type::auto]

Please see the video below


  1. Please ensure you Publish the page after any changes.

  2. Clear the browser's cache completely in case the changes are not getting reflected.

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