In this article, we will explain how to send your leads to Integrately.

Step 1: Log in to Integrately and Select Swipe Pages.

Step 2: Now select another app in which you want to send the leads from Swipe Pages. In the article, we will be creating a new contact in Convert Kit when a form is submitted in Swipe Pages. Please note the process will similar to other apps as well.

Step 3: You can select the 1 click automation if available or create your own if possible.

In this article, we will use the 1 click automation.

Step 5: Choose 1 click automation and select Check It Now once the automation is ready.

Step 6: Select Add Connection under Swipe Pages.

Step 7: Copy the Webhook URL and tick the checkbox for I have sent a test record AFTER Setting URL in Swipe Pages.

Step 8: Log in to Swipe Pages and select the landing page from which you want to send leads.

Step 9: Proceed to the Integration Tab and select Webhooks.

Step 10: Add a name for your Webhook and Paste the Incoming Webhook Url which was copied in Step 7 and select Continue.

Step 11: Select Post as the method and select Continue. Proceed to select Continue in next step Fields as well.

Step 12: Add Additional Fields if required and select Continue.

Step 13: Proceed to your Integrately Account and Select Test Connection.

Step 14: Proceed to your published page and submit the form. These details will be captured in Integrately as shown below.

Step 15: Select Add Connection for Convert Kit (Please note you can add any apps which are available in Integrately).

Step 16: Add your API Secret from Convert Kit and Select the Convert Kit Account from Select Connection.

Step 17: Map the Webhook response received in Swipe Pages with Convert Kit.

Step 18: Select Test & Go Live.

That's it, You have now connected Swipepages with Integrately. The leads details will be sent to Convert Kit via Integrately.

Please note you can follow the similar process mentioned in this docs to integrate Swipe Pages with other apps available in Integrately. For more information regarding Integrately. Please check their documentation.

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