The builder has Structural Elements and Content Elements.

Structural Elements

The Structural Elements are the building blocks that predominantly are used to manage the layout of the page and it includes the Section, Row, and Columns.

  • Section - Sections are the topmost components of the page which enclose the rows and columns. This is the first basic thing you add to your page, everything you build starts with a section. Learn More

  • Row - Rows are components that are included inside sections, many numbers of rows can be included in a section. Learn More.

  • Column - Columns are the components that are included inside rows, There are many different column types to choose from. A row can be divided into several columns, you can choose your desired column structure and then add your modules to the columns. Learn More.

Content Elements

Modules or Content elements are pre-styled blocks with various options and can be customized according to the requirements of the user. Modules are of two types, Single Level and Multi Level modules.

Single level modules are individual modules and can be used independently. The most important modules would be Text, Button, Icon, Google Maps, Video, Gallery etc.

  • Heading – This module can be used to add Title. You can change the style of the header, namely typography, text color, alignment from the left panel.

  • Text – This module can be used to add Text.

  • Button – Button module has multiple styles and sizes. Apart from linking a button to an URL, you can also link an Image/Video to be opened in Lightbox using this module.

  • Icon – We have included a huge set of Icon lists within the Builder. This module has several shapes and sizes. Apart from linking an icon to an URL, you can also link an Image/Video to be opened in Lightbox using this module.

  • Gallery – The Grid Gallery module can be used to display images in the form of a Grid. The image can be Multi selected from the media library and added. Simply Click and Drag the image in the left panel to rearrange/reorder the images.

  • Video – YouTube, Vimeo, and Self Hosted videos can be embedded in your page using this module.

These are just the most common modules present in Tatsu. Explore the Module List to get to know the entire list of modules present.

Multi-level modules consist of a group of individual modules of the same type. For example, Tabs is a Multi-Level module where each Tab is an Individual Sub Module, which will have the controls necessary for setting the service, while the parent module will have settings that affect the entire service or all individual services such as Timeline Color. To edit the Setting of the Parent (Tabs) component, click on the “style” icon in the top bar, and To Edit each of the Tab, double click on the respective panel. Below is the list of Multi-Level Modules present.

  • Inner Row

  • Tabs

  • Accordion Toggles

  • Testimonials

  • Forms

  • Table

  • Pricing table

Learn more about Modules.

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