You can connect to over thousands of other 3rd party apps using Zapier Integration in Swipe Pages. Follow the steps below to integrate your landing page forms with apps in Zapier

Generate API key in Swipe Pages

  1. 1 Click on Integrations in the dashboard and click on Generate API key to use Zapier

  1. 2 Click on Create New API key on the right top corner.

  1. 3 Give the API key a name

  1. 4 Copy the API key and save this somewhere safe because as soon as you navigate away from this modal, you will not be able to retrieve it.

Create a Zap using the API key

  1. 5 Log into your account in Zapier

  1. 6 Click on Make a Zap to create a new Zap and follow the steps to complete the connection. In Step 3 while establishing a connection with Swipe Pages, please enter the API key that was generated before.

  1. 7 Continue to Test the data and complete the connection. The next step will be to add the Trigger. This can be a connection to any other 3rd party app that you require. Follow the steps to link the app and test the connection. Turn on the Zap and you are all set.

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