The Global Typography panel is used to control the fonts of various elements across the page. Click on the Typography setting on the top bar of your screen to modify the Font settings. In this article, we will explain each aspect of the Typography and how you can effectively use them for building your page.

  1. Set/Edit the Typography in the Global Settings Panel - We have a set of pre-defined selectors that are included with the builder that can be edited.

  2. Use the font option while building the page - Every module in the builder will have the Typography option that will reflect the values used in the Global Panel

Custom Font Option -

In addition to the pre-existing selectors, you have the option to add a Custom Font option on your page.

Responsive Typography Settings -

The panel also has the option to change the Typography settings of all the Heading Tags from H1 through H6 as well as other elements across various devices.

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