If you already have a Razorpay account, you can sign in to that account and skip to the part where I have mentioned: “Steps involved”.

If you don’t have a Razorpay account, create one by clicking on the Sign-up link below.

Here is the Razorpay Sign-up URL: https://dashboard.razorpay.com/signup

Follow the steps mentioned by Razorpay and create a Live Razorpay account. (Please note that we only support Live Razorpay accounts)

Follow this Razorpay article for the steps to create a Live Razorpay account; https://razorpay.com/docs/payments/sign-up/

Steps Involved:

1. log in to the Razorpay Dashboard and select Settings from the options present on the list of options present on the left-hand side of the Razorpay dashboard.

2. Within the Razorpay settings, select API key tab.

settings in Razorpay dashboard

3. Click generate the API key.

4. Copy the generated KEY ID and KEY SECRET.

5. Return to Swipe Pages dashboard, Select Razorpay gateway.

Razorpay configuration settings in Swipe Pages dashboard

6. A dialogue box will open. Paste the registered RazorPay email, Key ID and Key Secret on the respective fields of the dialogue box.

7. Once you press submit, you will see a Webhook URL generated.

8. Return to RazorPay dashboard, select settings. Click the Webhooks tab within Settings.

9. Select Add Webhooks. Paste the generated Webhook URL from Swipe Pages onto the Webhook URL field and select” payment.captured” as the active event.

adding a new webhook option in Razorpay dashboard

Webhook setup dialogue box in Razorpay

10. Then, press “Create Webhook”. Webhook will create within Razorpay.

11. Swipe Pages and Razorpay integration will occur automatically.

A short video tutorial is below:

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