Store settings have two main options

a) Edit Business Information

b) Edit Invoice Settings

Edit Business Information:

Adding your Business Information:

1. Select “Edit Business information”. This will open a pop-up.

2. Mandatory fields are Company name, email and base currency. These fields cannot be deleted but they can only be replaced with a different value.

3. Other fields within the business information can be edited or deleted as per your desire.

A short video tutorial is below:

Edit Invoice settings:

1. Invoice number:

When you open a new eCommerce store within a sub-account, the default invoice number is 1000.

You can increase the invoice number by increments of 1 by clicking the upward button.

A short tutorial video regarding this is below:

2. Invoice Static Prefix:

You can add any letter or word or number to this field. The character added will get prefixed to your invoice number.

Invoice Static Prefix

3. Dynamic Prefix:

Dynamic prefix has 2 options: MM and MMYYYY.

When MMYYYY is selected, the month and the year in which the invoice was generated will automatically be added to the invoice number.

When MM is selected, only the month in which the invoice was generated will be added to the invoice number.

dynamic prefix

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