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How to set up Webhooks for Order Form Module

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You can now send your order form information through Webhooks.

The Order Form data will get transferred from Swipe Pages through Zapier/Integromat/Apiway/Pabbly to other apps that you may use Via Webhooks.

Here are the steps involved:

Type in a name for the Webhooks.

1. Paste the unique Webhooks URL provided by 3rd party platform.

2. Select “Payment Success” option from the drop-down menu.

3. Select the appropriate HTTP method. There are two methods present, namely GET and POST. The Webhooks URL provider will also mention which HTTP method that you have to choose.

4. Add additional HTTP headers, if any, provided by the Webhooks URL provider. These additional HTTP headers are for Authentication purposes, and some Webhooks URL providers tend to use them. If there is none provided by the Webhooks URL provider, then you can leave that field empty.

5. If you have any other values that you need to send along with the order form data, then just add the field name of your choice and the value that you wish to send in the “Additional Fields”. When a successful payment is made, this additional values added within the “Additional Fields” will also be sent with the order form data. If you have no additional values, then you can leave this field empty.

Here is a short Video tutorial of the process involved:

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