An order bump allows you to showcase additional products that the user might be interested in the order form during the checkout.

An order bump is a very effective way of increasing the cart value and thereby, increasing the overall value of the sale.

Before setting the product as an order bump. we must first add a product.

Here is how you can add a product:

  1. To add a product, click the “Add product” button.

  2. A dialogue box will open up.

  3. You can add a name, a short description, an image and the price of the product. Please note that the base currency selected will automatically be applied here.

Adding a product as an order bump:

Step 1: Now, you will see that product has been listed under the products tab.

Step 2: Now, click the "Edit" button on the respective product.

Step 3: This will open up the dialogue box where you can edit the product image, description, price, etc.

In this same dialogue box, you will also find a toggle called "set as Order Bump".

When this toggle is enabled, the respective product will be added to the order bump products list.

If the order bump is enabled on the order form, the products listed on the order bump product list will be shown to the user during the checkout process.

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