Discounts can attract users and increase your total sales volume by many folds.

But, how to create coupons for your digital products?

Swipe Pages has you covered.

You can easily create discount coupons for your products in our store settings.

Here is how you can create coupons:

Step 1: Click E-commerce on the far left side-panel.

Step 2: Click Coupons on the left panel.

Step 3: Click "Add coupon"

Step 4: Adding a coupon:

After clicking the "add coupon" button, a dialogue box will open up.

In that dialogue box, add the name of the coupon and coupon code.

You can also select the products that this coupon code applies to through the "Discount applies to" setting.

Discounts can be in terms of percentage or can be in terms of a fixed amount.

You can select any one of the options for your coupon and provide the desired value within the discount setting.

The number of redemptions and validity of the coupon can be set through the redemption and validity settings respectively.

Now, click "add coupon" to add your coupon to your store.

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