It takes 4 simple steps to create a new page.

Step 1 - Click on the "CREATE NEW PAGE" button or the + icon next to the "LANDING PAGES" link in the left panel.

Step 2 - Give your page a name. You can edit this at a later point as well.

Step 3 - Choose the type of page you would like to build. You can choose between a Standard Page and AMP page. The difference between the two is explained in this link. You can convert a Standard page to an AMP page later with just a single click.

Step 4 - Once you have chosen a page type, its time to choose a starting template. You can start with a blank page or choose from one of 40+ pre-built templates. Click on the "USE TEMPLATE" button and you will be taken to the Page Builder. We have a separate section on how the page builder works. Learn more about the Page Builder.


  1. When you create a page, we initially set it up as the default variant (VARIATION A). You can add more Variants later if in case you want to run A/B tests. Learn more about A/B testing here.

  2. Publishing - You can Publish your page either within the Builder of from the Dashboard. Publishing helps you take the page you created to a live URL of your choice with performance optimizations. You can publish the page to a Swipepages URL or to your own Domain. Learn more about Publishing.

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