After you create a landing page, it needs to be published in order for it to be available in a live URL. We perform all the performance optimizations during the process, which is why the publishing process takes a few seconds. Anytime changes are made to a page, it needs to be Re-Published in order for the changes to take effect. This includes changes to Page Settings such as SEO & Tracking scripts apart from the actual design in the page builder.

You can Publish your page either within the the builder or in the dashboard.

In the Builder, the option to Publish the page is present in the Top Right Corner of the Right panel.

In the Dashboard, navigate to the respective Landing page screen to find the option to Publish the page in the right top corner.

You can publish the page to a Swipe Pages URL or add your Custom domain. Follow the link to know how to link your domain in the Global Settings

Swipe Pages URL

In this case, you have to choose a unique sub-domain for your account. Choose something like your company name or that of your client.

You can create as many sub-domains as your plan allows you to.

Once you choose a sub-domain, give your page a unique slug

Custom Domain

Once you added your domain, you can choose it from the dropdown here. Add a unique slug to your page and you are good to go. You can also leave the slug empty.

You can only publish to sub-domains of your main domain, in order to not conflict with your website. To connect your root / naked domain ( ) kindly follow the instructions here.

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