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Using your Main / Root Domain
Using your Main / Root Domain

Here is how you can connect your main / root domain or otherwise naked domain with Swipe Pages

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Though landing pages are typically not used with a Naked domain (, there are cases where you would want to point your main domain to pages created with Swipe Pages. For example, you are using our app to build your website or a microsite for a campaign.

To connect your root / naked domain to Swipe Pages, you will have to use Cloudflare as your DNS manager.

Cloudflare ensures your DNS resolves faster and also keeps your site secure from DDOS attacks. It also provides Free SSL for your site.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Create an Account in Cloudflare or login into your account if you already have an account. Click on the ADD A SITE button.

2. Enter your domain name ( without www or http or https or any trailing slashes )

For example: If your URL is, please enter only ""

3. Choose the Free Plan and click on the Continue Button

4. Cloudflare would scan your DNS records and list them there. Do not make any modifications to it now. Click on the Continue button.

Now, you would have to point your Domain to Clouldflare. So that, Cloudflare can act as your DNS manager.

5. Login to your Domain Registrar.

Update the Nameservers to the ones provided by Cloudflare. Save the settings.

DNS Settings can take up to 24 hrs to propagate depending on your domain registrar, but usually happens in just a few hours.

6. Go back to Cloudflare after a few hours and click on the "Done, Check Nameservers button".

7. In the Quick Start Guide screen,

  • Turn ON Automatic HTTPS Rewrites and Always Force the HTTPS option

  • Turn OFF Js, CSS & HTML minification ( Swipe Pages does this for you )

  • Turn OFF Brotli compression ( Swipe Pages handles this )

  • Click on the Finish Button

Once your domain is connected to Cloudflare, now it's time to add your domain to Swipe Pages. 

8. login to your Swipe Pages account and navigate to the Domains Panel and

Click on the Add New Domain button

9. Enter your root domain name ( without www, https, http or any trailing slashes ) and click Next

10. Enter www as your subdomain and click on the Next button

11. Copy the "Points To" value provided.

12. Login to Cloudflare again. Click on the DNS settings on the Side Panel.

Now, click on "Add Record" to initiate the process of adding the CNAME record.

add record

13. Now, Select CNAME record and disable Proxy.

select Cname record

15. Now, Add "www" in the Name field and paste the provided "points To" value within the Target field. Then, click Save.

Cname record addition

Please make sure the Proxy status is turned off as shown in the above screenshot. (It will appear as a grey cloud icon when the proxy is turned off)

Page Rules setup:

13. To access your website without www, you need to set up Page rules.

14. Here is how you need to proceed. Navigate to the Rules option on the left side panel and then, select Page Rules.

15. Click the "Create Page rule" option.

16. Enter the URL that has to be forwarded in the URL field. Your domain should look like the following format:* (Note: the asterisk * is for matching all the pages that your domain has.) Please see the screenshot below.

17. Select "Forwarding URL" from the Drop-down menu. Following that, you have 2 options to choose from.

  1. 301 Permanent Redirect

  2. 302 Temporary Redirect

You can choose any one of the two options.

18. Now, type your domain in the following format:$1 in the destination URL field.

Please see the screenshot below.

19. Now, please click "Save page rule".

20. Please wait for a few hours to allow the DNS changes to propagate. Head back to the Swipe Pages domains panel and click on the Connect button.

Please note that your domain propagation will take anywhere between just a few minutes to a few hours to complete and once your domain is connected, you can publish your pages through the connected domain.

That is all.

Special scenario:

If in case, you do not have an A record after Cloudflare migration. Then, you can add an A record in the DNS tab. Make sure the orange cloud is turned on. Please set the IP for the A record to (This step is applicable to users without a valid A record. If you already have a valid A record, please ignore this step)

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