Follow the steps below to add & connect your domain along with a subdomain with Swipe Pages. The number of domains you can add may be limited by your plan.

If you are looking to connect your root/naked domain with Swipe Pages (eg: ) then please follow the instructions in this article.

  1. Go to the Domains Panel.

  2. Enter your domain

  3. Choose a sub-domain where you want your pages to be hosted. You can add multiple sub-domains to a single parent domain, but the whole process has to be done separately each time.

  4. This step involves making DNS changes. Copy the information from the box shown, login to your domain registrar account, go to the DNS settings page and add a CNAME record with the same name as the Sub-Domain you added in the previous step and paste the value you copied.

    Why is this required?
    You as the owner of the domain are saying that traffic coming into a particular sub-domain needs to point to the pages you created in Swipe Pages. It also helps us verify that you own the domain.

  5. Click on the Connect button, and we will verify if the DNS changes you made have gotten updated. If the verification is successful you can see that status changed to “CONNECTED” and you will now be able to publish pages to your domain.

    NOTE: The time taken for DNS propagation depends on your domain registrar and it can even take anywhere between 24-48 hours.

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