To add a Form to your page, you can click on the '+' button from the right panel, or drag and drop from the Module list in the left panel. You can create Simple forms as well as Multi-step forms using the form module in Swipe Pages.

Structure of a Form Module

A Form can have one or more Steps. To add more step to your form and create a multi-step form, you need to click on the Add Step button in the Tree view.

Note: The Multi-Step form's preview will not be available in the builder.

A Step, inturn, will have one or more Fields. To add more fields to a step, use the Add Field button in the Tree View

Customising the Form

Fields - To edit the form fields, double click on the respective field in the Tree View. You will find the option to change the Label, Placeholder text and also add a pattern for the field. We have about 12 different kinds of fields that you can add to your forms which include advanced fields like Range Selector, Multi Select Box and Drop Down.

Styling - Click on the Styling Tab of the form module in the Tree View. The option to change the Alignment, Colors and Typography of the various elements of the form module can be found here.

Submission - Form Submission action can be edited in the Submission tab. There are two Submission Types - one is to redirect the user upon clicking on submit button to an external URL. The second option is to set a lead magnet. Read more about Setting up a Lead Magnet that can be linked to your forms,

Leads Storage

The Leads from your form Submissions details will be available in the backend under leads tab. Read more about Lead Storage,

For getting notified through a mail whenever there is a new lead mail, you will have to turn on the lead notification option under the Integrations tab. With the lead notification, you can configure the email address to which the new lead notification will be sent. Read more about Lead Notification and Setting up Auto Responder upon form submissions.

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